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Photogallery and Excusions

Thanks to Alfano's excellent position it is possible to visit many different locations of cultural, historical and scenic interest.

Bellow you fill find different kinds of excursions, starting from the many beautiful and most important scenic routes to the incredible historical and cultural pre-roman excursions.

The itineraries can fulfill the needs of all kind of visitors from the "just walking around" tourist to the most experienced excursionist.

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Boat trips to the caves of Capo Palinuro.
Unique opportunity to visit the famous caves such as the Blue Cave and the natural arch.

Caves of Pertosa
The caves of Pertosa are unique in Italy for their grandeur and beauty of the shapes of stalactites and stalagmites. To be able to visite the caves you need to cross a lake which originated from an underground stream,where in summer take place performances theater evocative of Dante's Hell.

Maratea's Coast.
A high rugged coastline rich with flowering heather and mediterranean landscape. This magical places offers lots of intense emotions whit its view, that have charmed many tourists over time. Giving strong feelings there are the views that have enchanted visitors at any time.

Visit the Certosa di S. Lorenzo (Padula).
The Certosa di San Lorenzo, located downstream of the town of Padula, was founded in 1306 by Thomas S. Severino, Count of Marsico and lord of all the Vallo di Diano and today attracts millions of visitors each year.


WWF Oasis of Morigerati.

This visit, whit local guides, take the place within the area where the River Bussento re-emerges after travelling 4,5 Km through a cave whit sheer walls. Continuing along the course of the river you can see moss, water springs, waterfalls and old mills..

A mixture of myths, culture and history along the cobbled streets of Elea. Parmenide and Zenone created the foundations of modern philosophy. Since roman times this place has been used as a holiday destination.

Excavations at Paestum.
Ancient city founded in the sixth century. B.C. by colonists from Sybaris 8 km from the mouth of the Sele. Paestum is the only city in the ancient world where have been brought to light the entire wall, about 5 km. It is shaped like a pentagon and cut into 4 sections by two roads that meet at right angles: the thistle, which joins the Golden Gate (south) and the decumanus, which connects Sea Gate (west) with Siren Gate (east) .

Trekking Massif Cervati
In the heart of the national park the trek follows the antique road which linked to the port of PIXUNTE ( today knows as Policastro Bussentino in the golf of Policastro) to the inner valleys of Cilento. You will visit caves used as a burial sites until 2500 years b.C., the retreat of S. Elena and passing through birch woods and alder woods you reach the Vesalo valley where you can observe the Grava, which is a swallow hole where the river water disappears.

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